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Training Philosophy

The trainer and staff at sol.DOG draw upon a variety of methods, a flexibility we believe is critical because all dogs are individuals and deserve to be treated as such. Our goal is effective, low-stress training where we work with the dog’s natural drives and instincts, not against them. The result is a happy, cooperative dog and an enjoyable training experience for all involved.

Our passion is for the difficult cases – those many other trainers would refuse or walk away from. We are proud to say we’ve kept families intact who were at wits end and faced with giving up on their dogs. There is no greater reward than that.

“My husband got our first dog ever from this place. The people are so helpful and the dog is AMAZING!! We love our Chyna girl so much. She is well trained, beautiful, healthy and very sweet. We simply could not be happier. Nor will we ever acquire a dog from anywhere except a rescue. Thank you for the work you do, the love you give, and the ability to match the pet with the family. Perfection!!”
– Leilonne N