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At sol.DOG, we dream of the day that all dogs live healthy, balanced lives in committed homes. We recognize the importance of rescue groups and shelters in meeting this goal, and strive to support these entities through our work. We also do our part to make that dream a reality through the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of several dogs each year.

We rescue dogs of all breeds, with a focus on bully and Molosser breeds.

In line with our mission, we use our skills and knowledge of canine behavior to work with and teach the adoptable dogs in our care. Many of our dogs are fully obedience trained. When you adopt from sol.DOG, you also get professional help selecting the right companion and introducing your new dog to you home and existing pets. We also provide lifelong support.

Looking for a service dog? A dog for sport or a purpose, like protection? Consider a rescue dog first! We can help you locate and train the right dog.

All of our adoptable dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, and placed on a tick preventative prior to placement. Our adoption fee varies.

Our adopters must agree to application, contract, home visit, dog introductions, and followups. That said, we aren’t about being restrictive. We’re about possibilities and working to help find the right match for your family and home.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”

“Peaches just finished a 3 week board and train. I adopted her from the humane society where she had been stuck there for 6 months. And bonded with me quickly but was very anxious and aloof in new places, with new people, and other dogs. Although Peaches and I are both still on our journey with obedience training, I couldn't have asked for better people to leave her with. Rachel was especially helpful with giving me updates as often as I wanted and the will power to keep going even when I missed my girl. I can't wait to bring her to the park, for her to play with other dogs and just have a better quality of life. Thank you Sol Dog!!!!”
– Sara H