dayCAMP - sol.DOG Tucson


This is no ordinary doggie day care! sol.DOG dayCAMP will challenge your dog both mentally and physically, so they leave balanced, tired and having practiced important skills.


Activities will vary, but an average dayCAMP day may include structure playtime with other dogs, obedience exercises, treadmill, games, agility, placemat time and much more. We will work with your dog on manners such as loose-leash walking and waiting at thresholds.

This is no “free for all” day care—we will work to ensure your dog has tons of fun, but also help him or her learn to and practice behaving in a balanced, appropriate way. The end result? You don’t have to worry about or feel guilty over leaving your dog alone and you get to pick up a dog who is a delight to have around. What could be better than that?


Full Days

  • Single Day Pass – $30
  • 5 Day Pass – $140 (save $10)
  • 10 Day Pass – $270 (save $30)
  • 20 Day Pass – $500 (save $100)

Half Days

  • Single Day Pass – $20
  • 5 Day Pass – $90 (save $10)
  • 10 Day Pass – $170 (save $30)
  • 20 Day Pass – $300 (save $100)


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Half day passes can be used for up to 5 consecutive hours. All prepaid passes expire if not used within six months.

“Took our dog Aja in for her first follow up with Rachel this afternoon. We are so happy with the results of the board and train. One of Aja's issues was that she would bolt out of an open door or or gate and then we would end up having to go find her , she had to be on a leash outside of the yard or she would take off on us. The last two days we have had her in the front yard with us off leash and she stays with us. It is awesome !! Today when we pulled up at Sol Dog for our follow up, Aja could hardly contain herself when she saw Rachel..She was extremely happy to see her and gave her lots of kisses.. to me that says alot about Rachel as a trainer and someone who I would trust with any of my dogs.”
– Kim B