Dog Training | Obedience | Behavior Modification | Tucson


sol.DOG offers several training options, including obedience, behavior modification, puppy development, crate- and house-training and our sol.DOG pack socialization (sPS). Our trainer and staff draw on a variety of methods and believe this flexibility is critical.

Off Leash Freedom

Using a low intensity, positive remote collar-based system, we quickly achieve a dog who is calm and in tune with their owner, even without a leash. With this new trust and relationship, we can give our dog freedom to explore and have faith that they’ll come back when called, even with distractions. Your dog will learn excellent leash manners, and problems like jumping, excessive barking, and counter-surfing will be easily worked through.



We offer all levels of obedience, from basic to advanced, on and off leash. We listen to your goals and expectations, and we customize the obedience we teach to help you reach your companion, therapy, or service dog. We offer obedience in private lessons, group classes, and Board & Train formats.


Behavior Modification

Behavior modification is our specialty and we have an ever growing track record of success. We have worked with and helped dogs with aggressive towards people and other animals, fearful behavior, destructive behavior and more. No issue is too big or too small for sol.DOG.


sol.DOG Pack Socialization (sPS)

In our sPS sessions, we use a pack of balanced dogs to work with dogs exhibiting problem behaviors. Dogs have an intricate, subtle language of their own and there is so much they learn from each other. Our pack has helped the fearful become confident, the hyper become calm and the aggressive become social. It’s a beautiful thing to watch, and a very powerful tool in the rehabilitation of dogs.


“After our young rescue pups got into a few awful fights we needed to turn to training so our home wouldn't have all the chaos. I looked up local dog training and after reading reviews and learning her training philosophy we decided on Sol and there 3+ week board and train program. We got our babies back far better mannered. They listen better to commands, walks on leashes don't pull out my shoulder and there interaction together gets more and more calm. I can not thank Rachel and her team enough what what they have done for our pups/family!!”
– Juliette G